Project: Work Truck - Cummins Workhorse Series

  • Edge Products 98614 EAS 12V Power Supply Kit and Turbo Timer

    ATP Project: Work Truck Part4 Edge EAS Power Supply Kit and EAS Turbo Timer

    Installing Edge EAS 12V Power Supply Kit (98614) and EAS Dodge Turbo Timer 06-14 (98612)

    In this article I will be sharing my experience with the Edge Insight CTS monitor and family of EAS products that are designed to function with the Edge Accessory System (EAS) which was created for future expandability of multiple accessories.

    It’s one of the few truck add-on products that are both very functional and really cool.

    The EAS accessories also work with the CS Insight Monitor and of course the new CS2/CTS2 Insight Monitor. See video at the bottom of this article.

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  • ATP Project Work Truck - Part 3 - AirDogII-4G Lift Pump, AMP Power Steps


    For our latest ATPTrucks Work Horse 5.9L article we are blessed to enjoy some track time. We have shown horsepower numbers in the first articles and will continue to show updated numbers that correspond with the new modifications.

    Air Dog II-4G




    We installed an AirDogII-4G (#A6SABD426) with a modified Big Twin Diesel fuel module pick up. This fuel module pick up, designed and built by Big Twin Diesel, ensures full fuel delivery even when below a 1/8th of a tank.





    I know there are many opinions and prejudices regarding aftermarket lift pumps. Here at ATPTrucks we sell, install and utilize FASS, Fuel Labs, Holley, AirDog and others. We have found through this personal experience that all pumps have their pros and cons.

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  • ATP Project Work Truck - Part 2 - Bumpers, Supension, Handling, LED Bulbs

    Project Work Truck Pt 2 Bumper Suspension LightsIn my last article (ATP Project Work Truck – Part 1 – S&B Filters Intake +) I tested and reviewed several S&B products. The results of these products have remained consistent and impressive.

    In this month’s installment I have added components that are not as exciting as performance enhancers but they definitely assist with safety and looks. I have upgraded the steering components, head light bulbs and bumpers.

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  • ATP Project Work Truck - Part 1 - S&B Filters Intake +


    We utilized this truck for a couple NHRDA race seasons to pack Max’dOut around the country. With only an MBRP 4” exhaust, a valve body modification by Dave at Ultimate Transmission and EFILive tuning this truck pulled the 18,000 pound plus race trailer with only one issue. (I will cover that later in this post).

    The towing performance of this truck has been great. Paired with the custom EFILive tuning by ATPTrucks we can pull the largest grades (Grape Vine, Cabbage, The Blues, and others) at full highway speeds and keep EGT’s in check.

    After arriving at an NHRDA event, Rob would race Max’dOut and I would race our ATPTrucks Workhorse. I have not won an NHRDA race like Rob has but I cut a perfect light at an NHRDA event and I did win our local diesel event at Firebird Raceway in Star, Idaho.


    Now for the issue, the Torque converter! 
    Rob purchased the truck with just less than 80,000 miles. We tortured this truck with hundreds of tunes. We have towed hard, drag raced and dyno’d this truck many times. With the development of EFILive CSP5 tuning and the addition of our own dyno, this truck has seen heavy testing. Continue reading

  • ATP 2007 Cummins Workhorse Project - Work Truck 5.9L


    Check out the sections below to see what's coming up for our 2007 Dodge Ram Quad Cab Long Box 3500SRW 4x4 5.9L Cummins and 48RE Automatic Transmission - Project Workhorse.

    Each month we'll highlight common upgrades and report pertinent data from any performance upgrades we install. The goal is to deliver real-world feedback and answer common questions associated with these upgrades and their impact on reliability, performance, and daily driving.

    We'll give you the list of installed and tested parts and products and show reports straight from our ATP dynamometer. We'll also compare those outcomes to on-road driveability results and other observations we can hear and feel.

    Why a 2007 Cummins 5.9L Diesel?

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