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  • ATP Project: LML Duramax - AirDog II 4G Install Results


    ATP Project LML AirDog II 4G Install Results Part 3

    Duramax LML AirDog II 4G Lift Pump Review

    (You will want to check out the AirDog demo at the bottom of this post)

    Test vehicle: 2013 GMC LML with all factory emissions in place.

    To recap our previous testing please check out our full Project LML blog:
    Project LML Duramax: Factory Emissions Equipped

    Up to this point the truck is fun to drive and responsive but was lacking the needed fuel for more than dyno numbers.  I tested at the track before the lift pump install.

    The same tune that made 500HP on the dyno without a lift pump didn't perform on the 1/4 mile. The truck dropped rail pressure badly about 3rd gear and didn't recover for most of the run resulting in 14.2's with 2.0 second, 60' times.

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  • ATP Project: LML Duramax - MBRP Downpipe Install Results


    ATP Project LML MBRP Downpipe Install Results Part 2

    Test vehicle: 2013 GMC LML with all factory emissions in place.

    To recap our previous testing please check out our first Project LML Duramax blog post:

    The horsepower claim for the MBRP downpipe is 21hp and 24ft lbs. We will see how this piggy backs on the current mods with HP tune and the S&B intake.

    MBRGM8427 Duramax LML Downpipe - Stock vs Aftermarket

    I can tell you the downpipe install on this Duramax is not for the faint of heart. The install is much easier if done in conjunction with a transmission/converter install. Having the transmission out of the way really speeds things up and is much easier on the knuckles and the frustration level.

    Even with the transmission out of the way, the install still took about 3 hours.  This wasn’t straight time as I dealt with a few interruptions along the way, but a good baseline none-the-less.

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  • Are S&B Cold Air Intake Duramax Reviews Valid?

    There are a number of S&B cold air intake Duramax reviews out there and we've had excellent results from these cold air intakes but never actually measured them on our own dyno to validate our real world experience.

    Until now...

    We couldn’t believe it when we saw the dyno results from just adding a cold air intake to Rob’s LML in our first Project post for that truck.  See the complete article here: ATP Project: LML Duramax

    To say we were surprised is a massive understatement. Most of us at ATP have the S&B intake installed and we love the throttle response, sound, and the seat of the pants feel with these cold air intakes.


    Dyno charts don't lie!

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  • ATP Project Work Truck - Part 3 - AirDogII-4G Lift Pump, AMP Power Steps


    For our latest ATPTrucks Work Horse 5.9L article we are blessed to enjoy some track time. We have shown horsepower numbers in the first articles and will continue to show updated numbers that correspond with the new modifications.

    Air Dog II-4G




    We installed an AirDogII-4G (#A6SABD426) with a modified Big Twin Diesel fuel module pick up. This fuel module pick up, designed and built by Big Twin Diesel, ensures full fuel delivery even when below a 1/8th of a tank.





    I know there are many opinions and prejudices regarding aftermarket lift pumps. Here at ATPTrucks we sell, install and utilize FASS, Fuel Labs, Holley, AirDog and others. We have found through this personal experience that all pumps have their pros and cons.

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  • ATP Duramax Tie Rod Sleeves


    It’s a well-known fact that the Chevy and GMC Duramax trucks get a bad rap for having weak front end components due to their IFS (independent front suspension) design, and more directly, their tie rods.

    Although the stock tie rods from the factory may be sufficient for what the manufacturer determines to be adequate for what the truck is intended to do in stock form, many of us with added power know this is simply not the case.

    I’m sure many of us have witnessed the Duramax at the track trying to launch in 4 wheel drive while having the front wheels look like they are going to come together and touch. Maybe you've seen them break completely or heard stories of people breaking their tie-rods while just trying to get unstuck from a small mud hole in their field.

    There's a myriad of examples on YouTube. Too many to show here.

    It is a bad situation to be in and a dangerous one at that, to possibly have your steering fail while the truck is in motion is simply unacceptable.

    Our solution? Duramax tie rod sleeves by ATP. We've manufactured a simple solution that easily threads over your factory tie rod, thus increasing the strength substantially.

    The install is very simple and only requires about 30 minutes of time per side and requires no special tools to install. We highly recommend getting an alignment after completing the install, however. These sleeves will allow you to use your truck in 4 wheel drive without the worry of a tie rod breaking and leaving you stranded or causing an accident, all for under $70.

    Get yours today and leave your tie rod worries in the past!

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