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  • ATP LED Light Bars Now In-Stock!

    ATP LED Light Bars are quickly becoming the most sought after off-road LED light choice for those who want the most value and quality for their dollar. Complete with wiring harness and mounting brackets these lights are ready to show you the way on your truck or ATV.

    We have them in 6-inch, 12--inch, 20-inch, 30-inch, 40-inch, and 50-inch LED light bar sizes and we have the famous little Cube Series 3-inch dually style spots and floods. All lights come with flush mount brackets and wiring harness AND FREE Shipping if your address is in the lower 48.

    Check out all the specs and get a closer look at all of them by going here.

    Or check out these lights individually.

    ATP LED Light Bars and Duallys

    ATP LED Light Bars

    ATP3036 - 6-Inch LED Light Bar

    ATP3072 - 12-Inch LED Light Bar

    ATP3120 - 20-Inch LED Light Bar

    ATP3180 - 30-Inch LED Light Bar

    ATP3240  - 40-Inch LED Light Bar

    ATP3288 - 50-Inch LED Light Bar

    ATP LED Dually Style 3" Square Spot or Flood

    ATP1318 - 3" Dually Style Square LED Light Pair - Spot or Flood

    By choosing LED light bars made with CREE LEDs, you are adding tremendous reliability and ruggedness to your off-road lighting choices. Not only are they rugged and reliable they deliver the same amount of light for just 10 to 15% of the traditional power required for conventional lighting. That's an obvious advantage.

    The Cree LED combines highly efficient InGaN materials with proprietary substrates to deliver superior savings for the consumer and superior performance for high-intensity LEDs.

    Many of our staff members are using these on their diesel trucks. They love 'em and so will you at a cost that makes everyone smile. Check out our product page or give us a call today at 208-685-1000.

  • "Idaho Rob" Coddens - The Man Behind ATPTrucks's latest article,  Lessons Learned: "Idaho Rob" Coddens MAX'D OUT RACING and ATPTrucks covers something most of us struggle with every day: Balance.

    It also gives you some background on Rob and highlights the five lessons that make him tick. It features video, great content, and pictures that include Rob's latest racing passion, his 65 El Camino.

    If you've never met Rob, this article is the next best thing. If you can't smell the diesel already, you might be missing out. Follow the links to find out more about the man behind ATPTrucks and enjoy the read.

    Lessons Learned: "Idaho Rob" Coddens MAX'D OUT RACING and ATPTrucks

  • 83830 Edge Insight CTS - Why We Love It

    The 83830 Edge Insight CTS is freakin' awesome. Our ATP staff use the CTS in their own diesel trucks. In this blog post you'll discover the BIG reasons why they choose the Insight CTS.

    You may already know EFILive's AutoCal is the most convenient platform to deliver your choice of many tunes for your diesel truck. You may not know the Insight CTS can also be used for switching those tunes if you have a Duramax LB7 or LLY.

    That's almost better than pounding out 9.3's in the 6,000 lb. Max'd Out diesel truck using all fuel. Check out these videos : Inside Max'd Out  and Spectator's View (last 15 seconds of this one)

    The Edge Insight CTS gets you inside your diesel truck's brain to see every critical parameter.  Up to 8 at a time can be monitored on the clear touch-screen display. Regular gauges can't do that.

    Detailed Product Page: Insight CTS

    Take the Guided Tour and See For Yourself

    Continue reading

  • EFILive and Factory Emissions Tuning

    ATPTrucks and Idaho Rob leading the way with EFILive and factory emissions tuning.

  • Andrea "Draggin' Lady" Coddens Gets First Win in Super Street

    Andrea "Draggin Lady" Coddens get first winOn June 29, 2013, Andrea Coddens picked up her second win of the season but her first win in the Super Street class.  Andrea made it past rival Pat Liskey in the final round of the ATP Trucks Super Street Shootout.  Liskey defeated Ryan Milliken earlier to punch his ticket to the final round.  In the final round Coddens just edged Liskey out for the win in one of the closest races of the day at Woodburn Dragstrip.

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