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  • Detailing Clay for Vehicle Paint


    Use Auto Detailing Clay to Spruce Up Your Vehicle’s Paint

    The paint surface of your vehicle is under assault every time it is out in the environment.  Brake dust, industrial fallout, tar, sap, roadway debris, winter road spray, airborne pollution and even tiny metal particles all eventually take a toll on your vehicle’s paint.  Consider Detailing Clay to give your vehicle a new look and new life!

    If you haven’t heard of detailing clay before or haven’t ever used it, chances are that you need it.  Over time many or all of these tiny particles become lodged in the clear coat of your paint, not only making the appearance of the paint job look bad, but possibly leading to paint failure. Continue reading

  • Compound Turbos and Boost Numbers - The Math


    Compound Turbos Explained
    There is a lot of misleading information out about compound turbo boost numbers.  Many think the high pressure turbo (secondary) boost number can be determined by just subtracting primary turbo boost from overall boost.  This is NOT the case.

    To figure out how much work each charger is doing, you need to convert to pressure ratios (P/R) first.  The correct pressure ratio formula to use is: Continue reading

  • Cranking the Torsion Bars vs Installing a Leveling Kit

    Duramax Leveling Kit vs. Cranking Torsion Bars

    Crank It or Level It
    When it comes to leveling your truck, there is one common question that comes up: “Should I save money and crank up the torsion keys, or should I fork out the cash for a full leveling kit?”

    There are plenty of opinions out there…

    My answers come from over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and specifically from my hands-on experience in the aftermarket and customizing end of the industry, with an emphasis on suspension.

    This post is a follow up to my last blog article,  Replacing Torsion Keys vs Cranking Stock Keys. Again, I'll use the GM IFS (independent front suspension) torsion bar equipped trucks as an example.

    Continue reading

  • Replacing Torsion Keys vs Cranking Stock Keys

    Replacing Torsion Keys vs Cranking Stock Keys

    Key It or Crank It
    No, this isn’t a blog about vandalizing someone’s truck, this is about your GM torsion bar IFS (Independent Front Suspension) equipped truck, and the difference between replacing the factory torsion keys, or cranking up the factory torsion keys using the torsion key adjusters.

    Most people that own a pick-up truck understand that when you buy a new stock truck it comes slightly higher in the rear. I’m going to use full size GM Trucks as an example, but there are other torsion bar equipped trucks out there that this may apply to. There is usually about a 1.5” to 2” difference in height in the rear when compared with the front suspension. This is where the term “leveling” your truck comes from.

    An owner usually wants to level his or her truck to match the factory height in the rear. This is accomplished in a few different ways, and with a combination of parts to help with proper alignment and ride quality, but the two most common, and least expensive, ways are by either adjusting , or “cranking”, your stock torsion bar key adjusters, or doing a torsion key install with aftermarket leveling keys, and then adjusting them. Either way will give you similar results.

    Cranking Factory Torsion Bars – Pros and Cons
    Continue reading

  • DSP5 Problems? - How to Troubleshoot

    dsp5 problems troubleshooting guide

    Having problems with your DSP5 switch after installation?

    A few simple tests using some basic tools are all that is needed to get your switch operational.

    Simply start at step 1 and follow the troubleshooting steps. Do not skip any steps along the way, just follow the guide exactly as described.

    If at any point a repair is made, that does not fix the DSP5 switch problem, return to step 1 and restart the troubleshooting procedure to isolate any additional issues.

    (scroll to the bottom of this article for a link to a downloadable .pdf)

    Continue reading

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