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  • Load Dyno vs Inertia Dyno


    Load Dyno vs Inertia Dyno

    There are two main types of chassis dynamometers for measuring your truck’s power – inertia dynos and load dynos.

    Inertia Dyno
    As the name indicates, an inertia dyno measures horsepower with inertia, or the velocity of a fixed mass (the rollers).  So, the faster a truck can accelerate the rollers, the more power it has. Then, torque is displayed as a calculation from the horsepower figures (Torque = Horsepower X 5252 / RPM).  Since inertia dynos are a somewhat simple design they are often less expensive, and thusly more common.

    The second type of dyno is a load bearing dyno.  Continue reading

  • Oiled Filter vs. Dry Filter for Duramax

    Oiled vs Dry Filter

    Oiled Filter vs. Dry Filter for Duramax

    When ordering an intake for a Duramax, we often get the question about what is the best air filter for a Duramax…an oiled filter or a dry filter.  On the Duramax intake, there is a MAF (mass air flow) sensor that is located on the intake just past the inlet filter.  This sensor is there to read the amount of air flow that is passing through the intake.  It uses this information to properly fuel the truck.  The more air flow, the more fuel, etc.

    These sensors are extremely sensitive and the slightest amount of dirt, dust, or oil can cause them to not function properly, affecting mileage, performance, spool-up, and more. Continue reading

  • The How and Why of a Lift Pump System


    Understanding the How and Why of a Lift Pump System

    Our modern diesel pickups have changed and improved drastically in technology since they were first introduced in the 1980s.  We now have variable vane turbos, six-speed automatic transmissions, piezo injectors, and the list goes on.  However, even in these modern diesels, there are aftermarket options available to help improve the performance of these trucks.

    One of the first modifications to consider on your diesel is adding some type of fuel system assistance like an Air Separator Lift Pump System.

    What Does A Lift Pump Do?

    Some of you might be familiar with the term lift pump because it’s a common upgrade for most diesel pickups.  A lift pump assists or pumps more fuel to your injection system which is beneficial when creating more power, but an Air Separator System does more than just that.
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  • Is Your MAF Sensor Dirty?

    MAF Sensor CleanerFirst you need to know: What does a MAF sensor do?

    The MAF, or Mass Air Flow sensor on your truck is used to measure the amount of airflow that is entering the engine. With the airflow reading from the MAF sensor, the truck can properly fuel the engine based on the amount of air it sees flowing past the sensor. This sensor is usually placed in the intake tubing directly downstream from the air filter.

    A common issue with these sensors is the fact that many people don’t know what they are, let alone what they do, and never properly clean them. With the MAF controlling the fueling of the engine, a dirty or faulty MAF sensor can have a tremendous effect of the mileage and drivability of your truck.

    With dirt particles on the sensor, the vehicles computer cannot measure the actual amount of airflow. When this occurs you are potentially over or under fueling the truck. This can cause your mileage to decrease substantially and in some cases as much as 3 MPG. With fuel prices as high as they are, this can become a costly issue.

    Dirty MAF Sensor Symptoms

    Continue reading

  • We Choose ARP Fasteners: Here's Why

    ARP Fasteners

    I was browsing through some tech articles and ran across this one from Diesel Army talking about ARP fasteners. Most of us are familiar with ARP for upgrading our factory head bolts to head studs.

    This article goes into the history of ARP’s company about how they started and what their goal was. Like most of us, they were trying to push the limits of their engines for competition.

    This article also covers the different materials and applications ARP uses when building their fasteners and what materials should and should not be used.

    What I found really interesting was the comparison between using bolts versus using studs. If you’re like me and wanting to get more power from your diesel, you need to think about reliability as well.

    As we all know adding power can reduce reliability and the last thing we want to have happen is to become stranded on the side of the road. While some engines can get away with running a good amount of additional power with factory components, it’s not a bad idea to think about adding some extra insurance.

    This article gives good examples of just that. If you want more information on ARP fasteners benefits or interested in getting a set for your rig, be sure to check out our site or give us a call and we’d be glad to help you out!

    ARP Head Studs, Main Studs, Head Sets and more.

    Source: In-depth Look At What Puts ARP Up On Top

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