Detailing Clay for Vehicle Paint


Use Auto Detailing Clay to Spruce Up Your Vehicle’s Paint

The paint surface of your vehicle is under assault every time it is out in the environment.  Brake dust, industrial fallout, tar, sap, roadway debris, winter road spray, airborne pollution and even tiny metal particles all eventually take a toll on your vehicle’s paint.  Consider Detailing Clay to give your vehicle a new look and new life!

If you haven’t heard of detailing clay before or haven’t ever used it, chances are that you need it.  Over time many or all of these tiny particles become lodged in the clear coat of your paint, not only making the appearance of the paint job look bad, but possibly leading to paint failure.
Using detailing clay doesn’t take long, and isn’t difficult.  Just spray the clay lubricant on your freshly washed paint and run the bar back and forth.  The clay will safely pick up the contaminants without scratching the clear coat.  After doing one small spot it is easy to see and feel the difference that it makes.

Since the claying process removes old wax (if you had any on there in the first place!) the paint will have to be waxed in order to fill and protect the tiny holes in the clear coat where the contaminants were lodged.

If you are short on time or just don’t like spending the time and energy on waxing a couple of times a year, you can use a new type of paint sealant that can last up to two years.  The freshly clayed surface will allow the wax or sealant to adhere better and help give the best shine possible.

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