EFILive A to Z | Complete Guide to EFI Live


EFILive Autocal Package from ATPWhat is EFILive?

Simply put, EFILive provides an electronic tool for custom tuning your diesel truck to achieve increased MPG, better torque and horse power curves for towing, and improved drivability.

Whether you have a totally stock, factory equipped truck looking for a bit of extra “get up and go” and MPG OR

the world record holding, full blown competition vehicle,

EFI Live is the best, most cost effective way to meet your goals.

How Does EFILive Work?

In the past, when new aftermarket parts were added to your diesel, the results frequently caused drivability issues and often reduced MPG.  You don't have to put up with that anymore.

With this hardware/software package you can access the vehicle’s control module by connecting to the OBDII port.

Then, with the tuning tool, you can adjust the fuel/air ratios, boost/fuel maps, and many other parameters so that all your new products will work together to create the best possible performance, mileage and longevity out of your Duramax or Cummins equipped truck.

Tow Heavy?
The turbo can be adjusted in those ranges and coupled with other changes can decrease EGT’s and increase grade braking with turbine braking. This tool is a must if bolting on parts like turbos, injectors, fuel systems, or aftermarket drivetrain parts.

Data logging is extremely useful for the end user.  The FlashScan V2 Scan Tool can check injector and cylinder health, turbo boost, and fuel pressure as well as all the useful parameters the ECM monitors.  These parameters are what a diesel owner needs to watch in order to keep abreast of the health of their investment, and keep it running perfectly.

Have you heard of DSP (Duramax Switchable Performance) or CSP (Cummins Switchable Performance)?  This is an option that allows switch-on-the-fly tuning changes for your Duramax or Cummins truck.

Have you ever been driving around trying for best economy when you find yourself pulled up next to someone at a stop light?  You know the feeling, right. That little voice.  That gut feel that make you want to get off the line first.

Well, now you can let your inner John Force come out whenever you want with a twist of the switch.  No need to turn off the truck and wait 10 minutes for a new tune to download! Our custom tune mapping can supply you with economy, tow, street, and performance tuning all at your fingertips.

Keyed switches are also an option, which is very handy if your teenager is driving your rig, a valet is parking your truck, or anti-theft is a priority.  Switch to that custom tune and pull out the key... no worries!

Do you have more than one truck and tune to manage? No problem. The great thing about EFILive is that it will grow with your needs in the future. You can add a license to tune that second rig (or many more) with the same tool, or simply adjust your tunes if you choose to make modifications to your original vehicle.

Here are the major differences for an end user between the ATP EFI V2 and the ATP Autocal

With the ATP EFI (FlashScan) V2, the end user has the ability to create, view, and modify tunes. With the ATP AutoCal, ATP manages all of that for you using their years of knowledge and experience providing proven safe, reliable, maximized tunes for all configurations of diesel truck.

  1.  Tunes from multiple sources/tuners can be flashed with the FlashScan V2; the AutoCal is limited to one tuner.
  2.  The FlashScan V2 comes with 2 licenses. You can tune any 2 engine controllers (ECMs) and any 2 transmission controllers (TCMs) with those 2 VIN licenses.  The AutoCal comes with 1 license for tuning the ecm and tcm.

Bottom line is if you want custom tuning/data logging in an easy to use package and do not want to do your own tuning, then the AutoCal is the best choice for you.

If you like the idea of creating tunes and fine tuning your own personal power plants, then the FlashScan V2 is the option to choose.

Both options can fully data log and supply the best custom tuning available for your diesel.  The AutoCal and V2 both can be preloaded with your custom tuning by ATPTrucks.com so you are ready to plug and play the minute the delivery truck pulls away from your house.

As a quick reference, you may want to look at this infographic about the differences between AutoCal and FlashScan V2. We also have a video that goes in to a bit more detail.

EFILive will supply you with the tools needed to create the finest running diesel truck possible. Whether your goal is MPG, towing or performance, EFI Live and ATPTrucks.com can supply you with all of it in one package from mild to wild.

If you want to learn from a more technical approach you should definitely check out this diesel tuning basics guide from our own Mike Dorsey where he explains the most important tuning tables and what to consider when building your own tune. Take me there now!


6 thoughts on “EFILive A to Z | Complete Guide to EFI Live”

  • Macky

    I have recently purchased a 2013 GMC Sierra Duramax HD. I have been told that a tuner will void the factory warranty. Is this the case with the EFI Live?

    • Dustin

      HI Macky,

      Congratulations on the new purchase! With any tuner, including EFILive, GM can tell if the computer programming has at any time been altered. Whether or not that would void the warranty would be based upon your dealership.

      If you have any questions feel free to call us anytime at 208-685-1000


  • Steve Jabs

    Hi I recently purchased an 05 lly with cat back mbrp 4" exhaust and a cold air intake. I had to take the intake out to pass emissions? so it is currently out of the truck. I'd like info on your tuner as I tow a 29ft 5er a few times a year and a car trailer for my malibu wagon but in between then I'd like to have some additional power and mpg if possible. I'm not fond of the cold air intake from past experience on my 8.l gmc but maybe diesels are different as I am new to them. Any info of options to choose from would be great thanks.

    • Dustin

      Hi Steve,

      Ive attached a link to our page that helps explain what EFILive is in more depth.

      As far as the intake goes, we recommend the S&B brand. We have never had an issue with this intake failing an emissions test.

      If you have any questions, please call us at 208-685-1000


  • richard

    Hi was just wondering about a price for a duramax lbz towing and a couple performance tunes thanks

    • Hi Richard, You can follow this link for some detailed information about your request or give us a call (208-685-1000) and we'll be happy to help you out with any specifics during our normal business hours M-F, 8am-6pm and Sat, 8am-12pm. Thank you. http://atptrucks.com/efilive-dsp-2-duramax-custom-tuning-by-idaho-rob.html

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