ATS Co-Pilot for Allison 6 Speed Transmissions

ATS Co-Pilot for Allison 6 Speed Transmissions
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Co-Pilot Upgrade The ATS Co-Pilot Upgrade Kit for the Allison 1000 Transmission solves the major problems with the stock Allison LCT-1000. When you increase the power of the Duramax, the stock Allison 1000 transmission begins to slip in 5th gear. The factory single-disc torque converter lockup clutch begins to slip. This slippage causes the Allison 1000 to go into "fail safe" mode preventing you from getting your Duramax power to the ground. The stock Allison transmission only receives approximately 86 PSI oil pressure to the clutch packs when in 5th gear. After the addition of the Co-Pilot transmission system, the clutch packs receive approximately 230 PSI, allowing the transmissions clutch packs to receive full line pressure (clamping force needed to apply the clutches) during high power situations. With the simple addition of our Co-Pilot transmission kit pushing the available line pressure to the clutch packs, we have designed a system that increases the torque capacity of the Allison transmission by over 200 foot pounds. This kit makes it possible to transfer 100% of the power developed by a modified engine to the rear wheels without causing the transmission to slip and the "fail safe" condition to occur.


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