1998.5-2007 Cummins 5.9L S&B Heater Grid Delete

By replacing your stock grid heater with this beautifully crafted fully CNC machine cut S&B Heater Block (76-1005) performance gains are possible.

(NOTE: grid heater delete pictures show intake elbow attached but it is NOT included and must be purchased separately.)

SKU: SAB76-1005

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The S&B Heater Grid Delete is a simple and easy to install product designed to eliminate the restrictive stock intake heater grid on your 1998.5-2007 Dodge Cummins. The S&B Heater Grid Delete will increase boost by half a pound. Unlike other products on the market the S&B heater grid delete makes it simple to reinstall your stock heater during winter months for easy starting.   

  • Half Pound Boost Increase
  • Precision Machined Aluminum Construction
  • Easily Removable for re-installation of stock heater grid during winter
Designed to be used with S&B Intake Horn 76-1004-1 or 76-1007-1

Vehicle Applications:
2007DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2007DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2006DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2006DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2005DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2005DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2004DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2004DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2003DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2003DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2002DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2002DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2001DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2001DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2000DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2000DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel
1999DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
1999DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel
1998DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel (24 Valve ONLY)
1998DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
1998DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel (24 Valve ONLY)
1998DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel

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Additional Info



Customer Reviews (1)

More Boost Review by ATP Staff - Brandan Smith
I have ran this grid heater delete before and was very surprised to notice that it does gain you an extra 1/2 - 1 psi of boost. I have recently taken it off and re installed the grid heater for the winter months so I don't have to worry about the truck starting hard. But for the summer months or someone who is located in a warmer climate this is a simple and good looking way to get a little extra boost and power! (Posted on 10/19/2016)

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